Working from home

 Many Australian businesses are gearing themselves up to move their employees to work         from  home due to the coronavirus outbreak.

 While this does seem an awfully appealing prospect (no peak hour, no make up, use of our   own bathroom & company from our four legged friends) there are certainly challenges.

 One such challenge is how we stay in touch with our colleges and customers. We can't just   call across the office or have a catch up perched on our workmates desk. We need to keep   working, because the bills will keep coming (disappointing but there it is), so how can we   keep the wheels turning?

 Never before have we been so connected. Now granted, at times, we wish we weren't   (weekend emails, seeing other peoples Facebook holiday posts while we are at work), but   had you suggested 20 years ago you could run your whole office with any number of   employees from their own homes, or from wherever they choose, it would have seemed like   the stuff of fiction. But that is exactly where we are now. With VoIP (Voice Over Internet   Protocol) and phone systems that are hosted in the cloud, we don't need to rely on traditional   onsite phone systems.

With your PABX hosted in the cloud, you can have all your employees work from home and run your office as you would if you were all together in a brick and mortar location. That means your calls come to the reception phone as usual. The calls are transferred to the relevant employee as usual and all the usual phone system features you use can still be deployed.

Pretty great huh? What's better is that you can be up and running in around 60 minutes, with a system customised for you.

Super versatile, scalable, flexible and feature rich, now is the perfect time to upgrade your business phone system to a hosted platform.

Things are certainly a bit tricky at the moment, but I guess for me, if I can keep paying the bills, then that is a big concern off my mind. To keep you working and paying your bills, contact us to see if we can help you.

My sincerest hope is the resolution to this crisis is sooner rather than later. Until then stay well, look out for our vulnerable, enjoy Netflix and remember, this too shall pass.